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Logbook Servicing Sydney

Logbook Servicing

Xclusive Automotive provides logbook servicing for vehicles under 7 years or vehicles still following logbook servicing schedule. A logbook service is an all-inclusive service that inspects your vehicle in the manner that the manufacturer has specified. Logbook services should be performed as per the schedule specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Logbook servicing covers essential inspections and services that enable your car to operate optimally delivering top class performance.

Xclusive Automotive Advantage

Xclusive Automotive is a certified servicing workshop having the capability, technical expertise and quality spare parts to service your car as per the vehicle maker’s requirements. After the service, we’ll stamp your logbook as per the vehicle maker’s specifications, preserving your new car warranty. This stamp of approval certifies that the vehicle is serviced as per manufacturer’s specifications, which increases the likelihood of vehicle’s resale, as many people today would like to look at the service logbook before they can take the final call on the vehicle purchase.

At Xclusive Automotive:

  • All work is done keeping in lines with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • All work is done by qualified and well-trained technicians only.
  • We use the right quality parts where required.

So you can be assured of receiving high-quality car service and repairs. In addition, we can service your company’s commercial vehicles and help you get back on the road quicker.

Is your car’s service due?

If your car’s logbook service is due or requires any kind of mechanical repair then call us at Xclusive Automotive on 02 9644 2844 to book your car’s service.

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New Car Service Centre Sydney

New Car Service

At Xclusive Automotive, we can service your brand new car if it’s in a manufacturer’s warranty. Two major types of new car warranties exist – (1) Warranties provided by the vehicle makers and (2) Warranties offered by dealers.

I. Vehicle Manufacturer’s Warranty

A vehicle maker may provide warranties against any manufacturing defects – this is normally called manufacturer’s warranty, which is also known as a statutory warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty may set out requisites that customers should abide by – for instance, it may require the customer to make sure any car service is performed:

  • As per the manufacturer’s specification
  • Only by qualified, well-trained & expert technicians
  • Using the right quality parts where required

Xclusive Automotive will service your vehicle adhering to any such requisites indicated in the manufacturer’s warranty and the warranty will remain valid.

II. Vehicle Dealer’s Warranty

Extended warranty on a new car purchase is the other type of warranty, which is offered directly by the vehicle dealers at times and on their own discretion, especially, to hit the sales targets.

When manufacturer’s warranty culminates, at that time, vehicle dealer’s extended warranty begins. Typically, under a vehicle dealer’s extended warranty, you’ll need to have your new car serviced by the dealer providing the warranty. If this is a requisite of a vehicle dealer’s extended warranty, then you cannot have your car serviced by an autonomous or independent repairer as it will terminate the new car warranty.

Is your car’s service due?

If your car’s logbook servicing is due or needs any kind of mechanical repair then call Xclusive Automotive by dialing 02 9644 2844 and book your car’s service.

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Vehicle Fleet Services Sydney

Fleet Servicing

Xclusive Automotive provides fleet servicing regardless of the fleet size or vehicles mishmash (commercial or passenger). We can customise a maintenance program to match your needs. We’re conveniently located in Regents Park, Sydney.

Why fleet servicing?

Businesses relying on transportation require fleet servicing to:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Eliminate or curtail the risks connected with vehicle investment.

Is your company managing a fleet?

If your company is managing a fleet, Xclusive Automotive can assist with your vehicle tyres, car repairs and car servicing requirements. Once you’re on our fleet servicing program, you’ll experience substantial cost savings in the repairs of your vehicles. At Xclusive Automotive, our goal is not just to fulfil our customer’s expectations but to exceed them as well irrespective of the type of car repairs needed.

Fleet Servicing at Xclusive Automotive – Key Advantages:

  • Logbook car servicing as per manufacturer’s specifications, maintaining new vehicle warranty.
  • Qualified auto-mechanics that give detailed inspections and honest advice.
  • Single point of contact.
  • OH&S compliant and does not compromise the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

At Xclusive Automotive, we can provide a highly efficient service that can result in ‘time saved’ and subsequently ‘lesser costs’. We have employed the best technicians, professionals and support staff in their respective field to make sure all car servicing and car repairs carried out at Xclusive Automotive is of the highest quality.

Speak to us to know how we can save your valuable time and money. If you require fleet servicing for your company’s vehicles, call us at Xclusive Automotive on 02 9644 2844.

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Car Inspection Sydney

Registration and Inspections

Xclusive Automotive offers certified rego inspection and safety checks service in Regents Park, Sydney. Earlier it was mentioned as a ‘Pink Slip’, as the customer received a piece of paper when customer’s vehicle passed the inspection. Today, all checks and inspections are referred as ‘Safety Checks’ and can be performed through an authorised inspection workshop such as Xclusive Automotive.

NSW Roads and Maritime Services maintain inspection and certification schemes to ensure that all vehicles fulfil minimum safety requirements. Usually, light vehicles that are above 5 years of age need a safety check prior to renewal of the registration. These light vehicles include:

  • All motorcycles
  • Passenger cars
  • Trailers & caravans with an aggregate trailer mass of 4.5 tonnes or less (including those equipped with breakaway brakes, but excluding those equipped with air or vacuum (breakaway) braking systems)
  • Vehicles that carry goods with a gross vehicle mass of 4.5 tonnes or less (without power-operated brakes)

These inspections ensure your vehicle is not only safe for you and your passengers but also for other drivers on the road. At Xclusive Automotive, we can carry out an inspection while you wait and will swiftly have you on your way. Our registration inspections are accomplished straight through the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) – who decides whether a vehicle passes or fails the check and needs extra repair work. Once your vehicle passes the safety check inspection, you’ll be able to renew your vehicle’s registration.

Call Xclusive Automotive on 02 9644 2844 and experience fast & efficient Rego Inspection service in Regents Park, Sydney.

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Commercial Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance Sydney

Same Day Commercial Vehicle Service

Xclusive Automotive is a Japanese and European car service and repair specialist located in Regents Park, Sydney. You will observe from the moment you come into Xclusive Automotive that we’re not your average auto service and repair workshop.

At Xclusive Automotive, we provide same-day commercial vehicle service making car service and repairs easy for companies whose business revolves around transportation. We service commercial vehicles including cars, vans, Utes and light trucks covering all major vehicle brands like Toyota, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Ford, Renault and Mercedes among others.

Xclusive Automotive offers unbeatable prices for car servicing and car repairs based on using the highest quality parts available. With a specialised team of fully trained auto-mechanics, almost all car servicing and car repairs are performed and completed on the same day. Our highest precedence and success mantra lies in providing an excellent customer service.

Why we have so many repeat customers is because they love our immaculate and friendly environment, and that customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. For same day commercial vehicle service, call us at Xclusive Automotive on 02 9644 2844.

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light truck servicing and repairs in Sydney

Light Truck Service

At Xclusive Automotive, we provide light truck service and repairs for different models including SUV, MUV, pickup truck and panel truck covering Japanese and European auto brands such as Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, Isuzu, Mercedes etc.

Light Trucks – Regular Servicing is Crucial

Light trucks require regular servicing to keep it well-maintained as well as to keep your expenses predictable and easily manageable. Delaying your light truck servicing might save you money temporarily but over the longer term, you’ll find yourself with larger repair bills at unanticipated intervals. Indeed, no one prefers paying for unexpected repair bills or experience unanticipated vehicle breakdowns. Light trucks demand regular maintenance and servicing. Moreover, you would often need the services of a specialist light truck auto-mechanic, especially, if you own or handle a fleet of light trucks in Regents Park, Sydney.

Why Choose Xclusive Automotive

Xclusive Automotives’ light truck servicing and repair time-frame, and quality workmanship is the Industry best. Selecting your light truck service and repair workshop has never been so easy! Choose Xclusive Automotive for your light truck servicing and repairs.

To book for your light truck service in Regents Park, Sydney, call us at Xclusive Automotive on 02 9644 2844, and we’ll have your light truck serviced and get you back on the road in no time.

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