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Emergency Repairs

Xclusive Automotive has certified and experienced auto-mechanics, who can identify car problems effortlessly, provide the right car repairs and get you back on the road in no time. All cars are built differently and it takes a massive amount of experience to fully understand what’s required to make sure your vehicle is functioning as intended, which is exactly what we acquire.

At Xclusive Automotive, we serve a huge array of customers who wish to drop off their cars before going to work and pick them up in the evening after their day at work is over. Our team of auto-mechanics have a wealth of knowledge and experience with all types of cars, particularly Japanese and European makes, so when you select us, know that your vehicle is in the right hands.

Whether your car requires repairs, diagnose a problem, fix rattle or knock, overheating or leaking issues, wiring issues, inefficient fuel economy, a nagging noise, vehicle’s engine won’t start or finding it difficult to start or engine is running rough, or a part replacement needs to be done – whatever the problems are, Xclusive Automotive can provide the right car repairs.

Xclusive Automotive provides a range of car repairs and servicing for Japanese and European vehicle makes that includes:

  • Logbook Servicing
  • Rego Safety Check (Pink Slip)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Transmission
  • Tune-up and Diagnostics
  • Brakes and Clutch
  • Batteries, Starter Motors and Alternators
  • Steering and Suspension
  • E.F.I. Servicing and Repairs
  • Diesel Repairs
  • Carburettor Repairs and Service
  • Tyre Repairs and Sales
  • Exhaust Systems
  • All Mechanical Repairs

If you need the right advice and the right repairs including emergency repairs for your car problems, call us at Xclusive Automotive on 02 9644 2844, and we’ll be delighted to assist you.

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Brake System

When does your car’s brake system need repair or replacement?

The most common sign is you’ll hear a grinding or squeaking sound when your car is coming to a halt. These sounds are excellent pointers that indicate it’s time to get new brake pads and/or rotors. The other indicators wherein your car’s brakes need repairs include:

  • When applying brakes, the car pulls to one side.
  • When applying brakes, you feel a spongy brake pedal or any noticeable change.
  • The car takes more time than usual to halt completely.
  • When applying brakes, the car vibrates.

Thus, it’s critical to have a complete brake evaluation so that expert mechanics at Xclusive Automotive can decide just what your car’s brakes require for better-stopping power.

Brake system must be checked at every service

Brakes are a vital safety system for a vehicle. Typically, your vehicle’s brake system must be checked at every service and shouldn’t be attended by anyone who doesn’t have the right experience, skills as well as the latest electronic diagnostic and service equipment. Brake repairs should only be performed by a qualified mechanic.

At Xclusive Automotive, a typical car brake service includes the following:

  • Inspect braking system components and check brake fluid levels.
  • Inspect drum shoe and/ or disc brake wear levels.
  • If required, change front and rear pads/ shoes.
  • Take a test drive of the vehicle to inspect whether the brakes are working appropriately.

At Xclusive Automotive, we use only the most trusted brands for parts and we stand behind all our completed work. It’s vital to perform a brake system check before planning long road trips to ensure optimal car performance and safety. If your car’s brakes need inspection, immediately call us at Xclusive Automotive on 02 9644 2844, and we’ll be pleased to assist you.

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Clutch & Transmission

Driving a car fitted with a manual transmission involves tricky hand and foot movement, to change between gears and accelerate as you ride.

What are the components involved in clutch repair?

Let’s first understand how exactly a clutch operates. Typically, a friction device, the clutch connects your vehicle’s engine to the transmission. When you press the clutch pedal, it releases the clutch, which detaches the engine and transmission. This facilitates you to halt your car without turning off the engine. In addition, it makes changing gears a lot easier.

The clutch has following components:

  • A flywheel provides the clutch disk with a surface to hold onto.
  • A clutch disk is the friction device, which makes the connection between the transmission and the engine.
  • When you press the clutch pedal to release the clutch, a throw out bearing presses the levers on the pressure plate.
  • A pressure plate is a component that holds the clutch disk to the flywheel.

Due to usage and wear and tear, every clutch will gradually wear out, which can contribute to car slips when trying to accelerate. However, you can avert this condition by having your car checked on a regular basis with Xclusive Automotives’ specialist car servicing and repairs.

Clutch Service, Repair & Replacement

At Xclusive Automotive, we have expert auto-mechanics efficient in clutch service, repair and replacement. Our specialist technicians will inspect your car’s clutch to find out whether the slip can be repaired with a simple tweak or a brand new clutch replacement is indispensable. Whatsoever they decide, they will fix it for you at a cost-effective rate.

So while driving your vehicle, if you’re experiencing car slips, don’t delay to take your car to Xclusive Automotives’ workshop today. Our specialist auto-mechanics will get your vehicle back on the road in no time!

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Suspensions and Shock Absorbers

At Xclusive Automotive, we can service, repair or provide the replacement for your car’s suspension and shock absorber. We use high-quality parts of reputed brands only.

Look out for some vital warning signs that indicate problems with your car’s suspension or shock absorber, which can include:

  • While driving, you experience a lot of bouncing.
  • You experience poor vehicle handling.
  • At corners, excessive body roll of the vehicle is experienced.
  • When parked, the car doesn’t sit at level.

Suspension & Shock Absorber Parts

Suspension systems of different vehicles are different; however, most of them involve a frame or chassis, leaf springs, coil springs, dampeners including struts and shock absorbers as well as torsion or anti-sway bars in varied combinations. Torsion bars are a crucial feature of the suspension system, especially on sophisticated vehicles like 4WDs that are considered heavy-duty.

In order to give steering stability with better handling and to assure passengers comfort, your car’s suspension system optimises the friction between your car’s tyres and the surface of the road. To guarantee a smooth ride, regular servicing of the suspension system and the shock absorber is greatly recommended.

If it’s time to inspect your car’s suspension and shock absorbers, give Xclusive Automotive a call on 02 9644 2844 today. Our expert team will inspect your vehicle’s suspension and shock absorber and will provide required service repairs or get them replaced with genuine parts if required.

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Cooling Systems

The cooling system is imperative for your car as it eliminates surplus heat from the engine thus the engine is shielded against overheating. To maintain consistent performance and to avoid expensive engine repairs, regular servicing of your car’s cooling system is essential.

Look out for common cooling system problems and warning indicators:

  • Look for brownish or greenish cooling fluid accumulation beneath the car.
  • The car is overheating (look at the engine temperature gauge).

Cooling System Repairs

When the coolant gets older and starts permitting water to rust your engine’s internal parts, the coolant can lose its properties. Components like radiators fail, water pumps fail and more. These failures can contribute to terrible engine problems. Moreover, if there is a leak in your car’s cooling system, you risk the same problems.

Whether it is service maintenance, repair or part replacement, they must be performed by a qualified and experienced auto-mechanic at all times. At Xclusive Automotive, our qualified, trained and experienced technicians will carefully inspect and test each part of your car’s cooling system and mark any areas that need repairs or part replacement with a brand new one.

Is it time to check your car’s cooling system?

If you notice any of the warning sign that indicates your car’s cooling system requires inspection, immediately call us at Xclusive Automotive on 02 9644 2844 to book a service.

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Exhaust Systems

The car’s exhaust system has diverse functions such as lower engine noise, lower pollution, improve fuel economy, enhance performance and steer poisonous gases away from the car and the people seated inside. The exhaust system discharges out the gases that run inside your car’s engine, and the manner it is performed can impact your car’s performance. Inefficiently run exhaust system will impact your car’s fuel economy and may fail a vehicle emissions test as well. Therefore, it’s vital to make sure you keep your exhaust system in excellent condition, as changing it with a brand new one can cost you dearly.

Look out for the common exhaust system problems and warning indicators:

  • Severe car exhaust sounds
  • Exhaust rattles or hauls on the road
  • A strange smell from the exhaust

Exhaust System Repairs

During the combustion of fuel, vehicles can create hazardous gases. When leaks or likely problems are found, it’s critical to have your exhaust system repaired. Those hazardous gases can be damaging if they leak into the vehicle’s cabin, so appropriate exiting of the exhaust emissions are required like steering them out through the catalytic converter, muffler and tailpipe.

At Xclusive Automotive, we can detect problems and replace catalytic converters and mufflers, which will assist in lowering noise and emissions while driving.

Is it time to inspect your car’s exhaust?

If it’s time to inspect your car’s exhaust then straight away call us at Xclusive Automotive on 02 9644 2844 to book a service.

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