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Why is a Logbook Car Service Important?

logbook servicing sydney

If you have a new car or whether your car is under a warranty, ensuring a timely logbook servicing offers you a number of benefits.

A recent survey of Australian car owners found that only 68% of car owners admitted to beingregular with new carlog book service.Among those who admitted to skipping a logbook service, a shocking 83% missed so due to financial concerns and busy schedule.

There is a common misconception among car owners that their new car hardly needs any servicing to run smoothly. In fact, the first few months, often referred to as ‘Running-In’ period is a critical period in a car’s life. Proper care through log book service, either at an ASC or a local new car service centre ensures for your car, a longer life-span as also better fuel efficiency and performance.


In the first few months, the new engine is in the ‘bedding-in’ stage whereby there is excessive wear and tear due to the high friction between engine components like the piston, cylinders, etc.as they are rough and newly machined. This initial wear and tear usually suspends metal particles in the engine oil, which must be removed to avoid clogging or causing an abrasion of the parts. That is one of the reasons that automobile manufacturers recommend an oil change and filter change in the first few logbook services. Simultaneously, all other components of the car too are gradually settling into a range of operating conditions and the probability of detecting a failure in a machine is considerably high.

Regular logbook service record is also essential as a proof to a claim against warranty. In case your new car develops an issue, unless you prove that you have had regular logbook servicing, the dealer can refuse to pay for the car repairs or even void the warranty.

Thus, timely logbook car servicing helps you avoid any serious damages or costly repairs and claim warranty, in event of a damage.

Logbook servicing sydney


Logbook servicing includes a host of procedures and essential inspection. Regular maintenance of moving parts of the car like tyres, transmission, etc. requires time and kilometres to get adjusted and perform smoothly. Logbook servicing thus helps your car run at its peak performance and help you save money on car maintenance all through the car's lifespan. On the other hand, the effect of skipping periodic and timely logbook servicing will eventually show up in 2-3 years with signs of lower fuel efficiency and frequent escalations in repairs.


With regular logbook servicing of your car you not only have a full-service history but also ensure higher resale value. If your car has a record of regular service and maintenance record, the resale value of the car will certainly be higher since the prospective buyer is assured of a well-maintained vehicle.


Yes, you can either choose an authorised service dealer or a local garage like Xclusive Automotive!

Most new car owners are led to believe that they must get their car serviced at the dealership to maintain the warranty. But it’s not true!

The ACCC states that there is no legal requirement to get your car serviced by franchisee dealership to preserve your manufacturer’s warranty. You are free to get your car’s log book service anywhere you like, provided the local garage fulfils 3 essential requirements

Your vehicle needs to be serviced according to manufacturer’s guidelines

At Xclusive Automotive, our expert technicians are highly skilled and trained to perform all work in line with manufacturer’s specifications.

It has qualified technicians to perform the log book car service

All work is done by Xclusive Automotive qualified and well-trained technicians only

Technicians must use appropriate quality parts only

Our specialists use right quality parts where required

As one of Sydney’s leading car repairs Services, Xclusive Automotive provides you specialists’ team of technicians for log book services on all vehicles of all major manufacturers.

Is your car’s service due? If your car’s logbook service is due or requires any kind of mechanical repair then call us at Xclusive Automotive on 02 9644 2844 to book your car’s service.

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