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5 Reasons Why Regular Car Servicing Is Essential

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Regular car servicing ensures safety and driving comfort – the keys to enjoying your car.

Most of us delay regular car servicing, probably to save money or due to lack of sufficient time. But do you know that neglecting logbook service or regular servicing can escalate the tear and wear done to your vehicle’s internal parts?

Having a regular car service can be the difference between a minor spare part change and an expensive repair down the road.


1. Oil sludge and clogged oil filter cause engine oil to lose its effectiveness over time

Regular oil change guarantees your car performance, efficiency and longevity. Both low levels of oil or not changing the oil regularly are dangerous. Your engine oil keeps your engine lubricated to avoid metal-on-metal friction but over time the engine oil loses its lubricating properties and dirt build up in the oil, making it thick and abrasive which can cause engine damage or even failure. Similarly, clogged oil filters cause your car to burn more fuel and further strain the engine. Simply put, your engine needs regular oil and filter changes.

2. A well-tuned engine increases fuel-efficiency

With rising fuel prices, it is important that your car delivers high fuel-efficiency. The key to a high fuel efficiency car is regular care and servicing. Ensuring routine car maintenance for regular oil and air filter change, good clean spark plugs, lighting systems, appropriate fluid levels or air conditioning system and more, together combine to make your car roadworthy.

3.  Brakes and suspensions if not regularly checked put your safety at risk

Your car’s brakes and suspension play a critical role in making sure that your car stops quickly and safely. Did you know that your vehicle’s brakes, suspension, shock absorbers and steering are prone to wear over time? Regular inspection and servicing by a reliable car mechanic near you helps you avoid unexpected breakdown and allows you to fix issues before they spiral into costly repairs.

4. Tyres must be checked and inflated to correct pressure to increase fuel efficiency

Keeping your tyres at the correct pressure helps to reduce running costs. Tyres are usually taken for granted but if you take proper care of your tyre’s air pressure, tread depth and wheel alignment, you can expand a tyre’s lifespan. Under-inflated tyres use more fuel and wear out quickly and likewise, over-inflated tyres reduce road grip, cause irregular tyre wear and shorten tyre’s life.Moreover, rotating the tyres and regularly having your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked ensures that your car is prepared for every occasion.

5. Regular PMS (Preventive Maintenance Service) Optimises higher resale value

Regular car service not only helps you get the best possible on-road performance but also extends the life-span of your car, thus fetching a higher resale value.  A vehicle with regular and well-documented service history is always more attractive to second hand buyers.


Time for your car check-up?

A regular car service from a reputed and trusted auto shop like Xclusive Automotive helps prevent things going wrong with your car and keeps your car in good working order.

If you are in Sydney and looking for an affordable car services in Sydney, our highly-trained specialists at Xclusive Automotive meticulously check your car in our state-of-the-art workshop. We also offer up to 6 months warranty and up to 1-year guarantee for our services. To schedule a car service near you contact us at 02 9644 2844 today.

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